CIS Tax Back

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CIS Tax Back

Busy officeAre you looking for the largest legally available tax rebate? If you are CIS paid professional then you are almost certainly guaranteed to receive a tax refund.

Completing a tax return can is a very daunting prospect for anyone whether from the UK or an overseas national working in the UK. It can be very time consuming and difficult in dealing with the Inland Revenue.

Sit back and relax, we will take all the hassle out of your income tax returns and provide you with a stress free reclaim for your hard earned tax.

How it Works has been designed as a very easy to use service. You do not need to know all the workings of your personal tax or how the self assessment process works with the Inland Revenue. What we have done is make the whole process as easy as possible for you to understand.

We manage the administration and correspondence, letters and phone calls with the Inland Revenue totally on your behalf. This leaves you able to get on with your work in the knowledge that everything is being dealt with by us in securing receipt of your approved tax refund.

This is a simple process:.

TickYou will receive a pack containing everything you need with clear instructions and marked points for you to insert data and your signature.

Next place in an envelope and return it back to us.

We will then phone you to confirm your income and expenditure for the tax year you are claiming.

Tick service begins and we will manage the whole process for you.

Once we have approval from the Inland Revenue we will contact you regarding progress of your payment. For reassurance your tax refund is then received into a special dedicated ’Client’ account held with Lloyds TSB from which your refund is transferred into your nominate bank account less our fee.

If you think you are owed a refund please click here to use our CIS Tax Calculator

To enable us to complete your tax return we will require you to complete a few simple forms that we will post to you, all you need to do is just return the completed forms and we will do the rest.

Please complete the form below and we will send you a tax rebate claim form immediately.

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